Belly Bloom’s Top 4 Christmas Gifts for New Mother’s

Making Mama Spirits Bright!

Christmas is just around the corner and we have compiled for you our top 4 gifts for new mother’s, all in the spirit of making her holiday season a little more bright and a lot less demanding!

These well thought out gifts and plans all work towards finding new mother’s more time and more importantly an opportunity to focus on the things she values most. Her family!

1. Hire a Housecleaner

I don’t know any new parents who wouldn’t squeal at the idea of not having to clean their home after the holidays (or even before). Having someone come out and tackle all of those things you know a new mama has no time or desire for (think blinds, kitchen cupboards or kids’ closets) would go a long way in reducing that holiday mind clutter. You can hire a professional team for a couple hundred dollars or even send mom out the door and become the team yourself.

2. Organize a Meal Service

Spending a few minutes to make a call and line up a week’s worth of healthy meals and having them delivered to your door for the days following Christmas will result in a lot more sledding, skating and snuggling by the fire watching Frosty the Snowman (or Hockey). Most companies will easily cater to gluten, dairy and other sensitivities and you’ve just bought yourself hours more holiday cheer!

3. A Half a Day Away or a Half a Day to Stay

A full day on her own might be too much for most new mother’s to swallow but half a day or even a couple hours is usually very feasible and what a wonderful idea to load those hours up with something that fills her heart! It could be a trip to the spa or to a workshop on something she adores like gardening, painting or even beekeeping. For those mom’s who find it too much to venture too far there are many mobile massage and spa services that will come to the house. Clear the schedule, the house and top it all off with a tin of her favorite tea!

4.  A Professional Service to Make Parenting Easier

Hiring a postpartum doula, infant massage educator, breastfeeding counsellor, babywearing consultant or any professional who can coach, teach and guide new parents with new skills to make their days easier is an incredible gift to anyone.


What is the most amazing gift you have recieved as a new parent or gifted to new parents? We would love to know!



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