Holistic Prenatal Classes

Belly Bloom’s Holistic Prenatal Education Classes will prepare you to birth your baby with confidence and from a place of awareness. These classes promote pregnancy & birth as normal physiological processes and provide evidence-based material in preparing you physically & emotionally to birth in confidence and adjust in a healthy way through postpartum as well. They will help you & your family to prepare for the experience of new parenthood in it’s entirety and in a way that is authentic to you, your life, health & your hopes. As an advocate for safe, natural & family-centered birth I support every woman’s right to give birth with confidence in her ability, continuously supported, reassured & affirmed and this program is designed to reflect that.

During our time together we will explore your birth & postpartum preferences, discover evidence-based information and work to gain an understanding of common procedures. We will cover tried & true coping & relaxation techniques, practicing them in-depth, as well as explore a positive mindset & belief in the potential for a positive & meaningful birth and postpartum experience. Belly Bloom’s material is comprehensive, current and Canadian and the curriculum is based on safe, effective and evidence-based research. My approach to prenatal education does not involve a ‘method’, a ‘cookie-cutter plan’ or a ‘best way to birth’, instead I wholeheartedly deliver a family-led program that is tailored to each family’s wishes, needs & unique situation.


lavenderPrivate Prenatal Classes~ $350.00 ~


  • These private classes allow for interaction with the instructor & ample time for questions. Content can easily be customized based on needs and interests.
  • Covers 6 Healthy Birth Practices that promote the best outcomes for parents & babies
  • Evidence-based information & unbiased material relevant to all birth locations
  • Classes can be held in the comfort of your own home or the instructor’s home & can be scheduled in a way that is convenient for your family. One-day sessions, two-day sessions & three-day sessions are available during the evening hours &/or on weekends.
  • Comprehensive curriculum which covers all four trimesters. Some potential topics include; healthy pregnancy, the physiology of birth (anatomy, phases, stages & hormones), the emotional and psychological aspects of birth, birthing in Calgary & High River, the truth about fear & pain, mindful relaxation techniques, tried & true coping techniques, a prepared partner, navigating interventions & complications, self-advocacy, postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, newborn care & more.


 Please contact us at bellybloombirthservices@gmail.com or 403-999-2369 to book.

(If you have a group of 2-4 couples that wish to book a private class in someone’s home, a discount will be offered to each attending couple)



Please note that registration for all private classes require a deposit of $50.00 to hold your dates & space with the balance due one week before the start of the class. This deposit reserves the space for two people (the pregnant person and their support person). Payment can be made via email transfer, cash or cheque.




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