Mother Blessings

A mother blessing is a beautiful alternative (or addition to) a baby shower for expectant women and places a focus on empowering & supporting a mother as she makes her birth journey. Surrounded by her closest friends and family a mother and her circle share positive & encouraging stories, acknowledge the energy & dedication involved in becoming a mother and create a meaningful and positive vision of birth for the mother.

wreathA Mother Blessing With Belly Bloom ~$125.00

A mother blessing is ideal for those in search of a more heart-centered way to celebrate pregnancy, birth, motherhood & also the rite of passage that these experiences are for a mother. It is a powerful way for a mother to completely ‘fill her cup’ & release anything she might be hanging onto, supported & pampered by ones she holds dear. It blesses the way for her & her baby to truly be ready for birth, honoring them & this very special time. 

Belly Bloom’s Mother Blessing package is completely customized for each mother to suit her needs, hopes and spiritual beliefs. The package includes;

  • A one-hour planning & creating consultation with the mother and/or hostess (covering every aspect from invitations to readings)
  • Setting up & creating a beautiful mother blessing space
  • Wholehearted facilitation of the celebration
  • Special ceremony contributions (ie. foot bath, beads, thread, paint, hair braiding, prayer flags, floral crown, essential oils)
  • Event clean-up 


Contact Jenn at or 403-999-2369 for more information or to book your Mother Blessing today.


” Imagine if our culture told us that birth was one of the greatest things a woman might ever do. Imagine if the stories and images we were exposed to taught us that labour (and all birth) is an incredible and transformational experience, a rite of passage into motherhood. Our family and friends would celebrate and honour us. We would be surrounded by supportive and caring women as we embarked on this new experience”. – Leonie MacDonald ( introduction in Birth Journeys ). 


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