Our Mama Tribe

Welcome to Belly Bloom’s Tribe of Mama’s!

We Are So Glad You’re Here!

Our tribe is for women & mothers in search of a space to connect and to be encouraged, affirmed, uplifted and supported by other women in search of the same. The value is to have this tribe of women and friends to walk beside as we navigate our individual journey’s through life and motherhood. Our society is missing connection and we are working to provide it here.

We connect regularly through our Facebook Group and there is an opportunity to meet up often in Calgary. Some mornings we will walk together (coffee or tea in hand & babes in tow) with no agenda except to connect, other times we meet at an amazing playground for a much needed play-date and other times it’s for a late evening warm beverage at a quiet coffeehouse. Because we cannot pour from an empty cup & we need each other. Other mothers. Everything is extremely casual with zero expectations. Come as you are for what you need and with what you can or cannot contribute. Can’t make it out? You are accepted and valued for who you are and where you are at and we hope you will keep in touch with us in the Facebook Group.

Keep your eye out for discussions on a variety of topics lead by incredible women in our community who have incredible talents, knowledge, passions and so much to give.

 Women & mothers supporting women & mothers.



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