Postpartum Sealing Ceremonies

On the other side of birth there is a brand new mother who has just embarked on a once in a lifetime journey, one that was incredibly emotional, physical & transformational. A postpartum sealing ceremony gifts to a mother the opportunity to transition from one stage of life to another in a peaceful, gentle & meaningful way. She is honored, cherished, appreciated, pampered & heals.

Postpartum sealing ceremonies have been present in many cultures for all time. They have been called ‘mother warmings’, ‘mother roastings’, ‘closing ceremonies or ‘binding ceremonies’ and while the details and customs may differ, the intention is the same. A postpartum sealing ceremony is about closing all that remains open, raw & vulnerable following a birth. It marks the end of the birth process, a powerful life cycle and the beginning of a new journey for a woman as still herself but also as a mother, each and every time she becomes a mother. It’s a ceremony of transition, re-emerging & of mothering.

I had the privilege of learning the customs of a Mexican Postpartum Closing or ‘cerrada postparto’ from one very special traditional Mexican midwife. I was so blown away and in a moment completely understood what ‘mothering a new mother’ truly meant. Based on ancient traditions in beautiful Mexican Tazmacales these closing ceremonies are incredibly powerful and healing for postpartum women. In my own doula practice I am honored to share the ‘cerrada postparto‘ in all of it’s authenticity with mothers here in Canada.

In Mexico and most of Latin America the idea of a lying-in period for 40 days or ‘cuarentena’ is familiar. The ‘cerrada postparto’ is practiced soon after birth with the intention of bringing warmth back into a mother’s body and it is carried out a number of times throughout the cuarentena. This care is believed to allow a mother to recover more quickly, enhance bonding with her baby, increase milk production & more. All of it comes back to allowing a mother to be loved, honored, appreciated & mothered herself. She deserves that.


A Postpartum Sealing Ceremony with Belly Bloom ~ $200.00

Belly Bloom’s Postpartum Sealing Ceremonies are practiced in the mother’s home, are 4- hours in length and include a gift of a beautiful Mexican Rebozo & box of herbal tea . The package includes;

  • Creation of a calm, relaxing & beautiful ceremony space
  • A new mother full-body & womb massage
  • Customized herbal postpartum bath (all herbs harvested at home)
  • Quiet moments & a cup of herbal tea
  • Rebozo bone sealing
  • Opportunity to rest & heal


These ceremonies can be incredibly powerful for mothers who are still healing from traumatic births, no matter how long ago they may have occurred. They are also very beneficial to any woman who has experienced an opening of her womb.


Learning & Reclaiming The Lost Art Of Traditional Postpartum Care






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