Postpartum Support

Postpartum women and their families have very unique needs and meeting those needs is incredibly important for their recovery, a healthy transition and for overall family wellness. At Belly Bloom, the intention is to be there for the family in so many ways, supporting them unconditionally as they incorporate rest, bonding, self-care, warmth, health & healing into their transition to new parenthood. We offer three different postpartum packages and also provide hourly support.

sunflower Sunflower Hours ~ $30.00/hour

Families are welcome to schedule any number of postpartum visits, whether it is one or 25 and beyond as either 3-hour or 4-hour shifts. Postpartum doula services can include;

  • Birth story listening
  • Support with breastfeeding/infant feeding
  • Support with babywearing
  • Support with infant care
  • Support with laundry, dishes, tidying & cleaning
  • Meal & snack preparation
  • Support with supervision of older siblings &/or an opportunity to have one-on-one time with older siblings
  • Emotional support & a compassionate listening ear
  • Support with rest & recovery. True mothering of the mother.
  • A cup of tea, fresh flowers, a warm meal & a chance to take a bath and a nap
  • Support in recognizing initial signs & symptoms of postpartum mood disorders 
  • Referrals to appropriate professionals if needed


Choose the service that is right for your family & for YOUR birth & postpartum experience. Have a budget for something a little bit more or a little bit less? Connect with us to discuss other options or to create your own package.

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