Resources (A Village)

In our society we often lack the unlimited support and assistance from extended family and friends that we would have had access to in a village long ago. In the absence of this traditional support for new parents it is very important for us to create our own. There are so many incredible resources at our fingertips that can become our village, contributing to overall wellness as well as a positive birth and postpartum experience. These are a few that we adore. Feel free to add as many to your ‘village’ as you wish.

Women’s Health & Personal Growth Programs

The Nest Okotoks is an incredible group that provides a supportive and empowering environment for women to embrace self-care, connection & growth. They provide prenatal & postpartum Yoga classes with Master teachers as well as programs for fertility, stress management, anxiety & depression, nutrition and self care. You can find them on Facebook & Instagram @ The Nest Okotoks.

Holistic Nutrition

Lisa Hewitt at Healthy Bright Beginnings offers invaluable service and resources to women and their little ones including prenatal consultations, holistic food introductions for infants as well as nutrition consultations for children. Lisa hosts frequent workshops on many things nutrition and has also authored an ebook on holistic food introductions for infants.  You can connect with Lisa here;

Naturopathy / Acupuncture

Essence Wellness in Marda Loop has an incredible atmosphere of peace and calm and the practitioners are amazing. They provide an incredible array of services and support to clients in helping them heal or maintain health. I would highly recommend Dr Trudy Chim or any of the practitioners here. You can find them at

 Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga

Breathe Hot Yoga has a number of location throughout the city and offer a wide variety of yoga classes for families, including prenatal yoga. For more information see


Dr Caitlin Zietz, B.Sc., D.C. offers incredible service to families in Okotoks and surrounding areas at Complete Health Chiropractic & Massage. She supports clients and their growing families in fertility, pregnancy and in postpartum and is an incredible practitioner. You can find her at

Dr Kari Shandley supports people in improved well-being and has a great deal of experience with women and their families in all stages of prenatal and postnatal care in Calgary. Her approach is gentle and she is genuinely caring and warm. You can find her at;

Birthing From Within Childbirth Classes

Lisa Cowdery is a fellow doula and midwifery student. She teaches incredible classes in South Calgary that will prepare any couple for their journey into labour-land. You can find her here;

Incredible Blog for New Mother’s

This blog posts often and promotes much to the benefit of new mothers. Self-care, quiet mornings, slowing down and there are courses as well which teach about finding a more peaceful motherhood experience. You can find Shawn Fink and her Abundant Mama blog at –

 Breastfeeding Support

We adore La Leche League and the community and support it creates for nursing mothers. Leaders host monthly meetings throughout Calgary and Okotoks and are available to provide support and answer questions via email and phone daily. You can find a group at;

  Counselling & Postpartum Mood Disorder Support

Heather Heywood is a Registered Psychologist that can work with women struggling with Postpartum Mood Disorders. She provides an incredibly safe and supportive environment where her clients can work to resolve their challenges. She can be found at Psychology Plus in South Calgary –

Shannon Kane at provides counselling services for women and their families through prenatal & postpartum depression, anxiety, birth trauma and adjustment to parenthood in Calgary.

 Birth Photography

Catherine McAteer is a Calgary based photographer who specializes in documenting birth and her work is truly beautiful. Check her out at Cat McAteer Photography –