Talking About Maternal Mental Health

A friend very dear to me told me a few months ago what her experience with postpartum depression was like. Exhausting. Terrifying. Lonely. She talked about feeling so angry and sad & waking up every day wondering when it would stop. If it would stop. What was the most difficult thing to hear amidst all of her struggles was that she felt all of these feelings and had all of these struggles at the exact same time that I did ... and I had no idea. I love this woman fiercly and I saw her every single week the entire time we were on maternity leave together and I didn't know. She didn't know. That broke my heart.

Mindfulness in Motherhood

Mindfulness gives mothers the opportunity to get rid of the 'noise' and to let go of the things that do not matter and the ability to focus on what does. The bedtime snuggles, the book your three year old wants to read 12 times this morning, to watch the stars or carve the perfect Mickey Mouse pumpkin this halloween. To revel in the little moments and truly watch your children grow and become and to pour into them with all your mama heart. Your peaceful mama heart.

My Mama Tribe, And Yours

Whether you drink coffee, tea, wine or green smoothies, it doesn't matter. It's just that when you're together it feels amazing. Everytime I spend time with someone in my mama tribe I am reminded of how much I need it.

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