I adore the families I have the privilege of working with and am forever grateful for their words of affirmation. Makes me warm and fuzzy inside!

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Such an honour to support this new family of three

“Did the support positively impact our birth experience? Absolutely! The prenatal classes were invaluable & the extra positive support at the birth was so reassuring to both of us, even when plans changed. My husband felt so confident in what to expect and has mentioned often how glad he was that you were there and I know the midwives also appreciated the extra hands. Jenn you were absolutely amazing & helped me achieve the birth experience I could only have dreamed of. Best decision we made!”. – J


A love note from a postpartum mother of two

“Jenn was amazing during my postpartum recovery from a cesarean birth. She visited me in the hospital and assisted in some minor early breastfeeding struggles, then she checked in with me at home, making sure I had my “nest” replenished and my home was tidy. The love, care, and respectful attention she showed me and my family is something that will always stay with me and has made my postpartum recovery a pleasant and memorable one. Thank you SO SO much Jenn and Belly Bloom Birth Services.” – E


Kindness from a brand new family of three

“The home visits before the birth helped to make us feel so calm and knowledgeable and the 100% availability for questions and support in postpartum was invaluable. Thank you so much Jenn, you were such a special support for our little family of three”. T & M


Wonderful Words From an Incredible Mama of a Beautiful Baby Girl

“You equipped us with so much and offered us such incredible support during birth and through labour. Your compassion and reassurance were a bright light through this whole process. As soon as you got to the house to support us and also all through our time at the hospital, I felt like a weight was lifted off my husband’s shoulders. You helped him support me and assured him that labour was going well”. – T


A Love Note From an Amazing Mother of One

” If anyone in the Calgary area is looking for a Doula, please checkout Jenn with Belly Bloom Birth Services. I was so blessed to find her. She has gone so much ABOVE and BEYOND what I ever imagined and has made the scary transition from pregnancy to mother much easier than it could have been. Thank you so much Jenn for everything you have done for our family, it will never be forgotten”. – A


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